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Lagos Police Spokesman: 'I'm Not Proud To Be A Cop' After Seeing Caucasian Cops

In the footage, three Caucasian officers from Crawford, Arkansas can be seen brutally punching a guy they had previously subdued. Benjamin Hundeyin, the ever-vibrant spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, claims he is not proud to be a police officer after seeing a video depicting the activities of Caucasian police officers. This was posted on Hundeyin's verified Twitter account on Tuesday morning. He is very professional and dedicated to his job. He interacts with the public often and in a friendly way through social media. In the video, three Caucasian police officers from Crawford, Arkansas are shown repeatedly pounding a guy they have previously subdued, in a manner reminiscent of jungle justice.  By retweeting a user's video tweet, the Lagos police spokesperson seemed to be shocked by what the cops in the clip were doing. "In times like this, I am not proud to identify as a police officer. "What the heck?," wrote Hundeyin.  It is unclear what the victi

CSO condemns police for assault on FCT minister's driver and wants a transparent probe

HURIWA stated in a media statement that the Commissioner of Police in the FCT may have been told a different but false story by the police operatives responsible for the severe physical brutality meted out to the driver of the Honourable Minister of State for the FCT because the signal reaching our desk suggests that the FCT police hierarchy may have sided with the heinous and despicable crimes against human rights. HURIWA has said that it would pursue the case to ensure justice is served. "The incident happened on August 18, 2022, in the APC National Party secretariat, where Her Excellency, the Minister of State, FCT, Hajia Ramatu Tijni Aliyu was present as a member of the committee set up to help the North-West."Outside of the event site, it was alleged that one of Her Excellency's drivers was being beaten up and falsely and criminally accused of being a thief while surrounded by police officers and other citizens. The driver was rescued and transported to the hospital

Formerly Charged with Freddie Gray's Murder, Now in Charge of Investigating the Same Division

Following Freddie Gray's death in 2015, the practice of "nickel rides" would be revealed to the public. Lieutenant Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Caesar Goodson were found not guilty. Sergeant Alicia White and Officers William Porter and Garrett Miller had their charges dropped by the state. No one was ever punished for killing Freddie Gray. No one was ever held accountable, and during the whole thing, several of these cops moved up in the ranks, got raises in pay, and new jobs. After her participation in Gray's murder, Sgt. White was promoted to captain in the Performance Standards Section of the Baltimore City Police Department earlier this month. In an ironic and sneaky move, a news release says that she will do audits and inspections to make sure that the force follows the rules while on duty. Hopefully, she is not responsible for enforcing correct procedures when cops transport detainees. According to the medical examiner, Gray's spinal cord was near

Massive Masked Officer Attacks and Knocks Woman to the Ground for Being in a Park at Night

In the land of the free, if a police officer desires to extort you, even for a minor offence in which there is no victim, they may and will use force to do so. Angel Guice, who had never before interacted with police, learned this lesson the hard way over the weekend when an Atlanta police officer assaulted her during an extortion attempt. The argument occurred late on a Sunday evening at Shady Valley Park when Guice and her unidentified male companion were enjoying a pleasant summer evening outside. With the arrival of Atlanta police officer Brooks, however, that tranquilly would come to an abrupt end. Apparently, Guice and her buddy were allegedly at the park after it had closed, which constitutes extortion. The pair were unaware that the park had been completed less than one hour before the arrival of the inspector. Officer Brooks opted to extort the pair with tickets for being at the park after it had closed, as opposed to just instructing them to leave. A video uploaded on Instagr

"Mommy Help": Cops Pin Down Teen in Front of His Parents for Six Minutes Until He Stops Breathing and Dies

On September 15, 2018, Anton Black's family watched in horror as Greensboro police officers followed their 19-year-old son to the door of their house, pinned him down, and then kneeled on him for six minutes until he became unconscious and died. Since that awful day over four years ago, no one has been held responsible for his death. This Thursday, the Maryland taxpayers were informed that they would be held accountable for the actions of the implicated cops to the tune of $5,000,000.00. The parents of Black recently resolved a federal lawsuit alleging that their son's death in custody was racist and illegal. The complaint also says that the state medical examiner worked with the police to hide "wrongdoing by officers." Less than a year after his death, the cops responsible were exonerated. Now, the family hopes that their son's death will not have been in vain and that all agencies engaged in Black's murder will undergo transformation. "It's an old-f

Four police officers have been charged in Breonna Taylor's death, despite their initial belief that they had escaped punishment.

On September 23, 2020, police were put on high alert, streets in downtown Louisville were closed, and government buildings were boarded up as charges were brought against former officer Brett Hankison for his part in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor. As a result, the subsequent uproar was well-deserved. Instead, this gun-happy cowboy officer was charged with "first-degree reckless endangerment" because he fired like a madman during the raid, sending bullets paid for by taxpayers into nearby homes. Hankison was found not guilty on three counts of reckless endangerment in March. This led to a new wave of protests. Then, this month, retired officer Hankison had all references to these charges expunged from the public record, as if he had never shot indiscriminately into the home of Breonna Taylor. This was a severe blow to the family. This week, however, the FBI stormed the scene and detained a number of the participating policemen. The FBI has charged four Louisville Metro P

Cop Sexually Assaults Man with Anal Cavity in Public Search for Non-Existent Pharmaceuticals

In the apparent country of liberty, you are not free to do as you choose with your body. From mandated vaccines to abortions after rape, the state will stop at nothing in its terrifying quest to control the single thing you have complete control over. As the vaccine and abortion debates boil on, another equally horrific infringement of bodily autonomy proceeds virtually unimpeded in the background, all owing to the war on drugs. Insidious is the state's practice of kidnapping and imprisoning individuals for using drugs considered unlawful by the ruling class. However, when representatives of that state strive to physically violate an individual's body in a greedy and sexual way—in quest of these drugs—it is not only deceptive but it may be deemed a crime against humanity. Sadly, many who continue to conduct this fruitless war on drugs do not share this view. As the following example demonstrates, order followers have no trouble maintaining this practice of state-sanctioned high

Body Cam Captures Police Killing a Handcuffed Woman by Dropping Her From a Patrol Car

Prior to her tragic death last month, Brianna Grier, like so many others before her, was afflicted with mental illness. Occasionally, this mother of two would need hospitalisation in order to regain her ability to function. But when police officers, instead of EMS, arrived and took Brianna to prison instead of the hospital, Brianna never had a chance to regain her functionality. Instead, she would be tossed from a police car as it was travelling down the road, and she would perish. In a visit to Mary and Marvin Grier last month, Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus informed them that their daughter Brianna had been evacuated to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. According to the sheriff, Brianna had kicked open the police vehicle door and leapt out while it was moving. Nevertheless, according to a newly revealed body camera video and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation inquiry, responding police failed to shut the passenger door, resulting in her fatal fall. Brianna's parents and sister p