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College Cop observed guilty for Beating 11yo girl with unique needs

  A veteran Farmington  law officer  was allowed to quietly resign  during a  move  to flee  accountability after horrifying video footage showed him attacking an 11-year-old girl with special needs. At the time, he likely thought he got away, but  due to  pressure from accountability activists, former Farmington  policeman  Zachary Christensen is facing down a possible three-year sentence. Christensen pleaded no contest to a felony charge  of kid  abuse and a misdemeanor battery charge after roughing up an 11-year-old student  in the class . As  a part of  a plea deal, two other battery charges were dropped. Originally, the case was  named  the  prosecuting officer  who naturally declined to prosecute the officer. However, the  state's attorney  general then stepped in and took up the case after receiving outside pressure. “I was very concerned with  the protection  of our victim, who was  a baby ,  and that I  think this conviction sends  a powerful  message that  nobody  is abov