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Drunk Cop Apparently Thinks It’s OK to Pull Over on Interstate to Receive Oral Sex

With respect to police accountability, the real question is whether or not police officers should be held to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of us. In reality, from what we’ve reported over the years, cops get away with criminal activity like no other segment of society and are held to a far lower standard—even when betraying the very people they allegedly serve. We will be watching closely to determine if the following DUI arrest ends in the exoneration of an accused cop or prosecution under the law for what would cost the average citizen thousands of dollars and days in jail.

NPR Interview - Sgt Dorsey Speaks

Series to air in the fall 2020 ~ re interconnected rise of hip-hop and mass incarceration in America

Sgt Dorsey Speaks on Spectrum News "Inside the Issues" w/ host Alex Cohen; Cops and Community

Channel Sponsored by @Boss.inkk_ home of "Fine Babe" / "Babe Fine" products; t-shirts, hoodies mugs and more As a social justice advocate and law enforcement expert, Sgt. Dorsey spoke before the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety regarding AB392. Sgt. Dorsey’s participation, in part, led to Governor Newsom signing into law on August 19, 2019, California Assembly Bill 392, a police use-of-force bill that redefines the circumstances under which the use of lethal force by a peace officer is considered justifiable. For over two decades, Retired Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey worked exclusively in patrol and specialized units in all four Bureaus within the City of Los Angeles; South, Central, West, and Valley. In addition to various patrol division assignments, Sgt. Dorsey was assigned to the infamous gang unit in Operations South Bureau; known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) under the comm

Access Hollywood- Analysis of fatal Pasadena Shooting

Don’t forget to vote. Check me out on Access Hollywood tonight discussing fatal shooting of actress Va nessa Marquez by Pasadena PD

Sacramento BAPAC Black Expo 2020

Joined with families of Willie McCoy killed by Vallejo Police; Richard Risher killed by LAPD; seeking police accountability, justice, and reform. #weride #williemccoy #richardrisher #fatalfourteen #vallejopd #lapd #sgtdorseyspeaks #blackandblue #policeabuse #policebrutality