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Politically-Connected Cop Drives Twice the Speed Limit, Kills Innocent Man — NO CHARGES

Police officer Jakob Streyle turned into visiting at roughly two times the velocity restriction while he crashed into an aged guy's SUV at an intersection in July of 2019. Officer Streyle insisted that Santini surpassed through the stop sign without stopping, and changed into subsequently capable of collect at least one witness who might verify his side of the story, but in a pending lawsuit, Santini's spouse says that police did now not take statements from two people who had been traveling directly at the back of him. On the day that the crash took place, Fairmont police posted an update on their FB page, reporting that a police truck crashed into a man who ran a prevent sign, however additionally said that the truck "was not being operated at an extensive price of speed." They were deceiving the family from the start. 8 months later, the Santini own family found out that this declares become a lie, while their coverage agency hired an unbiased crash reconst