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Despite video capturing him breaking a man's jaw with a flashlight while listening to loud music, a cop was acquitted.

A judge found Officer of the Year Adam Feaman not guilty of second-degree assault and armed criminal action. Feaman struck Jamal White in the face with his flashlight and broke his jaw. The officer was fired and charged after the incident but was found not guilty by a jury last week. The judge ruled that Feaman's actions were reasonable to subdue White and that his actions were justified. The strike to White's jaw was caught on a bystander's camera and went viral at the time of the attack, and the officer's lawyer argued it was in self-defense. The court had received no evidence that Officer Feaman aimed for White's head, or intended to hit him in the head or use deadly force, the judge found. The jury found Feaman was justified in using the physical force he reasonably believed necessary to effect the arrest of Jamal White, and that he did not intend to kill him, according to the judge. The police force protects itself while trampling on the rights of innocent peo