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Cop Gets $5 Million After Fellow Officers Mistook Him for a Protester and ‘Beat Him Like Rodney King'

  The trial  for 3  St. Louis cops who beat  one amongst  their own officers during an  operation  begins  on , hoping to bring justice  to many  badge-toting thugs. The three officers in question—Dustin Boone, Steven Korte, and Christopher Myers—were  a part of  what was called a “civil disobedience team” to  bound  on violence at protests. Their tactics, however, involved beating up innocent protesters for filming them and this was  discovered  after they beat a fellow cop, Luther Hall, who was undercover as a protester. In December 2011, St. Louis  peace officer  Jason Stockley violated department policy when he grabbed his personal AK-47, premeditated,  then  murdered Anthony Lamar Smith.  the look  of the murder  and also the  actual murder was captured on the officer’s dashcam. In spite of the overwhelming amount of evidence against him, a St. Louis judge in 2017 found Stockley  innocent  of first-degree murder  within the  2011 shooting death of Smith. Months of protests ensued