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Cop Hammers Woman in the Face for Taunting Him — Dept Rules it Justified, Claiming it was to ‘Distract’ Her

Antonio Rodriguez, a Miami-Dade police officer, was removed from duty in July 2020 after he was captured on body camera video waylaying a tiny lady in the face. What was the woman's crime? "You behaving like you're white," he taunted the cop. Rodriguez has been paid back pay and acquitted of all accusations more than a year after going viral and losing his job, and the department has justified the strike as a "distraction." According to the Miami Herald, the decision not to charge Rodriguez was made in a final letter issued Tuesday by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. The event occurred in June 2020 at Miami International Airport. The two were having a conversation when the lady became enraged and began insulting him. "You're portraying yourself as white when you're really black... What are your intentions?" the lady inquires. Paris Anderson, who is not wearing a mask, then jumps in the officer's face just as he is about to ad