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On the same day as Rittenhouse, a melanated man who shot at cops was acquitted for self-defence, media silent

Last Friday, the internet and streets exploded in both outrage and delight after Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal on all counts by a jury of his peers. The jury ruled that Rittenhouse was justified in murdering two persons and injuring another in self-defence.

This was the inevitable conclusion for those who saw the trial, but some are still hell-bent on labelling him a hero or a monster, while in truth, he is neither. Self-defence is a natural response. It is noble to act in defence of others.

While corporate media vultures scoured the Rittenhouse trial for every divisive fleck they could find in order to keep society at loggerheads, they conveniently disregarded another trial in which the same guy acted heroically. Andrew Coffee IV tried to defend his life and that of his girlfriend by shooting at numerous house intruders who burst through his bedroom window in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, Coffee was unable to save his lover, Alteria Woods, who was shot 10 times by the house invaders. On the surface, this case seemed to be straightforward, and Coffee should never have gone to trial. Coffee was arrested and charged with Woods' murder, however, since the armed intruders who murdered his girlfriend wore badges. He was also charged with attempted murder in the deaths of his girlfriend and three cops who busted through his window that night.

This tragic crime occurred in 2017, however unlike Rittenhouse, Coffee's trial took four years, and on the same day Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder, Coffee was also found not guilty.

While the media focused exclusively on Rittenhouse, jurors on Friday found Coffee not guilty of felony murder and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. They found he fired at deputies in self-defence during the 2017 SWAT raid.

There were no demonstrations, rioting, or brawls outside the courtroom while the decision was read. Rather than that, Coffee embraced his family and the media kept silent.

Police were reportedly visiting Coffee's residence that night to arrest his father, Andrew Coffee III. He has been suspected of trading in drugs that the authorities declared unlawful. According to authorities, they detained Coffee III without incident at his front door that night.

What transpired after they apprehended the culprit aided Coffee IV in winning his case. Despite the fact that SWAT members arrested Coffee III without incident, they felt it necessary to destroy the windows of the bedroom where Coffee IV was sleeping with his girlfriend.

Coffee IV was unaware his father had been jailed or who was bashing through his windows in the middle of the night since he was sleeping. As a result, he took up his handgun and started firing. Likewise, the police.

Police would shoot Woods ten times. Coffee IV would claim authorities he was unaware they were officers since he had never heard them declare their presence while he was sleeping.

"He said, 'I'm not saying they didn't declare themselves; I'm just saying I didn't hear it,'" Coffee's attorney Adam Chrzam told CBS 12 News. "He thought he was the victim of an attack, whatever that assault was."

"Clearly, the position was that he was unaware that this was law enforcement," said Ian Goldstein, a defence attorney in West Palm Beach who also serves as a legal commentator for CBS 12 News. "If such is the case, he has the right to self-defense."

On Friday, a jury agreed and acquitted Coffee IV of murder charges, much to the dismay of the police department, who wanted him imprisoned for the lady they murdered.

"It's disheartening that this jury could not recognise that Alteria Woods' terrible death was directly related to Andrew Coffee IV's acts," an Indian River County Sheriff's Office official told CBS 12 News. "Our deputies went there in response to narcotics allegations and sales and came under fire from Coffee, forcing them to defend themselves and others. Our thoughts go out to the Woods family, who are still grieving the death of their daughter, but we stand by our assertion that she would still be alive today if Coffee had just cooperated with police officials."

Regardless of the police's bogus reasons, the family understood they had no need to shatter the windows that night. They also knew that Woods would have remained alive that night had SWAT team members not senselessly broken into their bedroom after arresting the subject of their search.

"The Woods family never blamed Andrew "AJ" Coffee IV for Alteria Woods's death. They are pleased with the jury's finding and the fact that justice was served today," Mary Sherris, the family's attorney, told CBS 12 News.

Regrettably, Coffee IV was not permitted to own a pistol due to his criminal past, and a jury found him guilty of possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Prosecutors are very dissatisfied with the murder acquittal and are seeking a maximum term of 30 years for the guns allegation.

Unlike Rittenhouse, whose judge discovered a legal loophole to excuse his dubious ownership of the firearm, Coffee did not get the same level of support.

Where were the Coffee Protests, where were the riots, where was the 24-hour news coverage, and where was the continual hatred being broadcast via all kinds of media? Coffee's lawsuit was dismissed because it did not match the polarising tone of what the media need to keep you furious. How are these individuals still relevant today?

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