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Community Outraged After Police Seen Violently Attacking a Child Over Minor Bicycle Infraction

A community is expressing their outrage this week after a video published to Twitter shows officials with the Ridgewood Police department violently arresting a small 15-12 months-old boy over a minor infraction. "One bicyclist not noted the safety of others and commenced to pass the officer as the officer became talking with the institution." "After some communication, the officer advised that bicyclist that he was going to be issued a summons. At that point, the bicyclist tried to flee and started to tug his bicycle far away from the officer." "The officials on the scene then tried to take custody of the bicyclist and the bicyclist continued to actively resist the officials." The video beneath starts because the youngster is seen pulling his bicycle far away from the officer. As TFTP formerly mentioned, an officer's dashcam video confirmed a traumatic scene spread as a police officer stops a man on a bicycle. Another incident became c