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Trump Secretly planned to make bigger the Police state, grant limitless Protections to law enforcement officials

  A draft report from the Presidential Commission on  enforcement   and therefore the  Administration of Justice reveals the Trump administration’s  commitment to  further expand the national  totalitarianism , with  stress  on supporting and expanding qualified immunity and  biometric authentication . The president formed the commission via executive order in January. A federal judge recently blocked  the discharge  of the commission’s report  thanks to   a scarcity  of diversity on the panel and evidence that it operated in secrecy in violation of public meeting laws. The  writ  stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the NAACP Legal Defense  and academic  Fund (NAACP LDF). The suit claimed the commission  did not  provide proper notice of public hearing  which  gave  an excessive amount of  influence to  enforcement  interests in violation of laws dictating how federal advisory committees must operate. According to a Reuters report, “The panel’s 18 commissioners include federal, state  and