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Cops kidnap children, drop a toddler on his face, and cover it up while robbing an innocent father.

Corey Marioneaux Jr., 24, is a father of two and a churchgoer who protected his family from armed attackers. He has no criminal record. Marioneaux is charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer since the invaders were police. He's absolutely blameless. Fortunately, no one was murdered during the early morning raid, in which police used a battering ram to knock down Marioneaux's front door and barge into his living room. Marioneaux, a father of two, would have been justified in killing one of the invaders if he had done so while his two children, ages 1 and 3, were sleeping in his room. As we previously reported, cops said they "knocked" on his home door for 10 seconds, but most people are still sleeping at this hour, so it's easy to miss them. Even though the banging didn't wake him up, Marioneaux sprang to his feet, got his handgun, and defended his family as his door was broken in with a ram. He would fire one shot at the armed invaders stormi