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‘Being naked Does no longer get rid of a hazard’: Police Killing of Unarmed naked trainer, Justified

  The family of Marcus-David L. Peters—honors graduate and  highschool  science teacher—is grieving  another time  this month after the Richmond  policeman  who shot and killed him while he was naked and unarmed in 2018 was ruled justified in his actions — again. The AP reports that the finding by Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin mirrors an earlier finding by her predecessor, former Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring. McEachin said  in a very  10-page report released Friday that the officer’s use of deadly force on Marcus-David Peters was a “reasonable response” to the danger posed by Peters. According to reports, the shooting happened along I-95 in Richmond after Peters lost control of his vehicle, sending it crashing into the trees. Police say that Peters then exited the vehicle, entirely naked,  and started  running into  then  rolling around on or near the interstate.  it had been  all captured on the officer’s body camera. Police say that Peters had previously struck