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Asking a K-9 to maul an unarmed man's entire body for FOUR MINUTES had a cop arrested.

  A horrifying video was just released showing what led up to a Michigan  trooper's  charges for felonious assault with a dangerous weapon. For four entire minutes, Trooper Parker Surbrook, 33, forced his dog to maul a compliant, unarmed, and surrendered man, quite literally from head to toe. On March 5, Surbrook, a 9 year veteran with the MSP, was arrested and charged with felonious assault. He has pleaded  acquitted  to the charge. According to police, Surbrook and another undercover officer saw a vehicle leaving  a section   called  an “illegal activity spot” and moved  to drag  it over.  rather than  stopping, however, the vehicle fled  then  crashed into a tree after  a quick  pursuit. During the crash,  the motive force  broke his hip. After the vehicle crashed, the video shows  the person  exits his vehicle, lie on  the bottom , and put his hands out. By all definitions, he had surrendered and  it had been  not even possible for him  to escape . Nevertheless, Surbrook rushed