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Cops Smack Man’s Phone Out of His Hand, Flip Him Off, Then Beat the Hell Out of Him — For Filming

In every state, filming police officers is perfectly lawful. However, police officers often overstep their power and arrest, abuse, and assault innocent persons for the constitutionally permitted act of photographing their actions in public. As the following New Orleans case demonstrates, police officers would go to tremendous and often violent measures to avoid being videotaped, even assaulting and fraudulently detaining an innocent man. Jacobi Cage had done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and was only photographing police officers who had just broken up a brawl during a parade on the night he was detained and assaulted by police. Innocence, on the other hand, did not constitute a defence. Cage was recording when he was instructed to move aside by an unnamed officer. Cage listened to the deputy and took a few steps back, but this was evidently insufficient for Det. Nicholas Broussard, who was so incensed by Cage's First Amendment privilege that he knocked the phone out of Cage&