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After Nikola Tesla Proved Wireless Electricity was Possible, A Startup Finally Made it a Reality

  Nikola Tesla is not the subject of American social studies or science classes. One of the ways Tesla envisioned helping the world was providing it with extremely low-cost, or even free, electricity. Tesla thought outside of the box - getting the wires out of the picture entirely. In 1901 Tesla began his work of a large high-voltage wireless energy transmission station called the Wardenclyffe Tower which was a wireless prototype transmitter for a "World Wireless System" that was to broadcast both information and power worldwide. Over a century ago, Tesla even demonstrated that his technology worked to investors, but they pulled out and the facility was never completed. Establishment science then told the world that his inventions would never work. Fast-forward to 2020 and a startup company named Emrod says it has figured it out. As Popular Mechanics reports, in a statement, Emrod founder Greg Kushnir says he was motivated by New Zealand's particular set of skills, la Lia