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Law enforcement officials Accuse teens of Stealing personal automobile, Kill 16yo driver and 18yo Passenger

A tragedy unfolded in Florida earlier this month as two teens were gunned down in their vehicle after police — reportedly wrongfully accused them of stealing it. Angelo Crooms, 16, and Sincere Pierce, 18, both of Cocoa, Florida, succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds earlier this month after deputy Jafet Santiago-Miranda opened fire on them, dumping multiple rounds into the vehicle. According to police, deputies Santiago-Miranda and Carson Hendren began following the car they thought was possibly stolen.  in step with  the family, however,  it had been  not stolen. Natalie A. Jackson, a lawyer for Mr. Pierce’s great-aunt and  fiduciary , Cynthia Green, told the NY Times the car that the teenagers were in belonged to Crooms’s girlfriend and  wasn't  stolen. Nevertheless, the deputies approached the vehicle as Crooms pulled into the driveway of Pierce  to choose  him up. Surveillance footage from  the house  shows Pierce get into the vehicle as Green walked her nephew  dead set  aid hi