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Fugitive Alabama Cop Arrested in New Hampshire for Child Trafficking, Kidnapping, Sodomy

Way to the efforts of the U.S. Marshal service this alleged infant trafficking cop is now at the back of bars. On June 25, several warrants had been issued for Davidson's arrest inclusive of allegations of human trafficking, 2nd-degree kidnapping, and primary-degree sodomy. Over the weekend the new Hampshire Joint Fugitive project pressure acquired facts from the Gulf Coast local Fugitive undertaking pressure that Davidson was probable within the Seacoast. On Friday, at 6:30 p.M., officers observed Davidson hiding in a condominium in Hampton, New Hampshire. The U.S. Marshals New Hampshire Joint Fugitive mission pressure turned into able to discover and arrest former Alabama police officer, Joshua Matthew Davidson, on expenses of human trafficking, second-diploma kidnapping, and 1st-diploma sodomy. Even though the government refused to complicated at the details of his alleged crimes, we will infer from the sodomy rate that at the least certainly one of his victims was a

Not Just Brutality—Cops Still Being Arrested for Trafficking, Raping, Exploiting Children

Frequent readers of the Free Thought Project know those police officers throughout the United States are arrested regularly for sex crimes. According to multiple studies, the majority of these crimes are against children. Proving the above point is the fact that cops are still getting arrested frequently for alleged sex crimes against children — despite many of them being in the streets attacking protesters. Over the past few weeks, there has been no shortage of police officers getting caught on  camera savagely abusing peaceful protesters.  While a handful of the perpetrators were actually arrested, the overwhelming majority of offending officers were not. In the background, however, as protest headlines garner most of the attention, police officers are continuing to get arrested for sex abuse against children. In the last week alone, there have been nearly a half dozen cops arrested for sex crimes against children. One of those cops was Collier County deputy Rashaad A. Smi