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Cop Visits Innocent Family's Residence, Shoots Unarmed Father, Arrests Children—No Charges

Consider yourself sitting in your house, doing nothing illegal and socialising with your family, when you hear a disturbance outside your back door. As you rush to check what it is, you are shot in the stomach by a police officer. Then picture fighting for two years to bring that police officer responsibly but never receiving accountability. Regrettably, there is no need to fantasise about Tari Davis and his family. On a website, Davis established, this innocent parent describes in graphic detail how it feels to witness such a heinous act. Consider this scenario: You're sitting with your children watching a movie on a Saturday night, and minutes later you're laying in a hallway with a bullet in your stomach. Now picture a police officer shooting you in your own house for no reason. Consider how you would feel if you were bleeding uncontrollably. Consider the police stepping over your body as you begin to lose consciousness; they search your house, separating you from your famil