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As Onlookers Demand He Stop, Cop Repeatedly Gropes Woman’s Breasts

In the brief video, the lady is heard telling the officer multiple times that "I need a girl officer." She does now not get one. In keeping with the APD guide, the officer needs to provide an explanation for the character being searched for the purpose of the quest and how the hunt could be conducted. "officers needing to search someone of the alternative gender must do so in the front of a mobile Audio-Video recording gadget, if available; otherwise an officer of the equal gender because the man or woman ought to be requested." The Austin Police department issued an assertion after the arrest, claiming that the officer did not anything incorrect when he shoved his fingers into the female's breasts. Ms. Trevino started out to observe the officials very carefully together with her automobile and honk her horn continuously. Officials advised Ms. Trevino to stay in the back of their bikes to ensure the safety of the human beings marching. Ms. Trevino th