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Cops drag paraplegic father out of car, attack him over window tint

Clifford Owensby of Dayton, Ohio, recently discovered the brutal and repressive extent to which the American police state would go to enforce window tint extortion regulations, as the PBWW website revealed last week. Owensby, who had done no crime, was singled out by police, beaten, and then escorted away due to the arbitrarily dark tint on his window tint. Over the weekend, police revealed body camera video demonstrating exactly how violent officers are prepared to be over the blackness of a man's windows — his skin as well. Though the cellphone video was terrible enough, independent media outlets covering the issue last week are now forced to report it this week because of the body camera footage. It is really revolting. Owensby's horror began last month when he was out doing errands with his grandson. While Owensby was driving along the street, causing no damage, he was targeted by police for extortion due to his window tint being set at 20%. Both body camera and smartphone