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Get a year in prison, forcing the car to drive away from them

                                             Link to the video: We cringe  once we  see videos of cops shooting people through their windshields and windows. But we especially shiver when cops taser people from a moving vehicle because  we've got  reported  within the  past how such actions lead can  result in  the death  of kids  and jail sentences for unscrupulous cops. Former officers Kenneth Elmore and John McCaffery are two cops who received a year in jail each  for their  sadistic and dishonest acts. Authorities said officers Kenneth Elmore and John McCaffery wrongfully used a  stun baton  to shock Kedrick Kizzie, charged Kizzie with  against the law  he didn’t commit,  so  lied  to hide  up their illegal conduct.  the whole  incident was recorded on video, but Elmore and McCaffery lied to the district attorney’s office, and also on the arrest, incident, and use of force reports. “They attacked [the man], charged him with  against the law  he didn