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The Government Issues a Cease and Desist Order Against Kodak Black for Donating Air Conditioning Units to Housing Projects

In July, when residents of the Golden Acres Projects sweltered in their houses amid an oppressive Florida heatwave, rapper Kodak Black decided to step in and assist them. On July 4, Black came into the area with a vehicle loaded with 100 air conditioners to distribute. He distributed the units personally, going door to the house. “We're out here handing out air conditioners and assisting with installation,” Kodak said in a video uploaded on social media. “We do it for the projects, we do it for the projects, we do it for the projects. The populace is subsisting on a little amount of cash. We'll bring you all air conditioners, dude; we're out here.” Numerous people were moved to tears by the gesture of kindness that may have actually saved some of their lives. “Oftentimes, people get things wrong. They're all like, 'Man, Kodak sleeps, Kodak this, and Kodak that.' Now, take a look at this. Kodak is back in his neighborhood, dude, and he is giving back. This is not