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Cop Drags Handcuffed Man from Car, Bang His Head in the Door

  Body camera footage from  an occasion  that  occurred  in 2019 has just been released as  a part of  an investigation into a complaint of excessive force. The video has sparked outrage online  because it  shows a deputy from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office shut his  door  on a man’s head and face. The video shows the arrest of Stephon Hopkins in April 2019 and was just released   by Black Lives Matter activist Bruce Wilson, who has demanded the deputy be fired. Hopkins wrote a written complaint against the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, saying the deputy slammed his head   in a very   door . In the video, which is silent for  the primary  thirty seconds  thanks to  the delayed recording on the body camera, Hopkins is accusing the deputy of using his handcuffs like “brass knuckles” and punching him  within the  face. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed the deputy struck Hopkins  within the  face but said  it absolutely was  after Hopkins wrapped his arms  around the  deputy’s w