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Justin Trudeau To Spend $7.1 BILLION Dollars On Abortion In Africa By 2030

  The Trudeau government has made many statements about the primacy of abortion in its policy both  reception  and abroad, but none  are  as brazen as this. According to Lifesite News, while outlining Canada's new  policy  priorities in 2017 within the House of Commons, abortion was proclaimed a Canadian value and was said to be "At the core of Canadian  policy ," by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland. A Canadian "Value," eh? So says King Trudeau- but not necessarily general Canadian society. Once again, Mr. Trudeau appropriates the consciousness of society and informs us what we all believe. He believes he has  the proper  to proclaim his subjective opinions to be one  and therefore the  same with those of 37 million Canadians. He has serious mental problems  associated with  narcissism and megalomania. Abortion  may be a  touchy issue in no way is it simple and straight-forward. Life and death, mortality, right-to-life- these are complex social

Afrakans did NOT sell their own PEOPLE into slavery!!!