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Cops left a boot imprint on a teen's face after he was beaten too violently over a speeding ticket.

Body camera footage released over the weekend highlights the gang mentality  of the many   cops   because it  showed them violently beating a 17-year-old boy over a traffic stop “like a pack of wolves.” It also illustrates how far cops will  move to  enforce a speeding violation. The incident unfolded in December of last year, when 17-year-old Devin Carter, a  high school  football star was accused by police of driving his vehicle over the  ordinance . When police pulled him over, cops pounced on him like wolves tearing apart  a pricey .  the whole  time, cops were accusing Carter of “resisting” but  because the  video shows, that was simply not true. The video was released by John Burris, a civil rights lawyer, who is representing Carter and his family  during a  federal lawsuit against the Stockton  department of local government . “These vicious cops acted  sort of a  pack of wolves and Devin was their evening meal,” said Burris. “I  haven't  seen a  law officer  beating this ou