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Cops Beat Innocent, Cuffed Man With Rifles And Knees, Break His Ribs

  A couple's verbal dispute over a  parking lot  became  a nightmare after a call was made to 911 to settle it. When police showed up,  the person  involved  within the  dispute,  Antony  Smith, 48, was savagely beaten by three deputies who all used their rifles to inflict serious injury. The video reportedly saved Smith from spending decades in prison after it showed that cops were the aggressors and Smith was an innocent victim. Smith was originally charged on four felony charges of assault on a  lawman  , resisting arrest/search/transport, unlawful restraint and disarming or attempting to disarm a  policeman . Once the  jury  reviewed the evidence, they issued a "No bill" meaning there was no evidence to support the claims by prosecutors and police in charging Smith with  a criminal offense  . Despite  the fees  being dropped against Smith, the apparently corrupt sheriff, Greg Sanches, stood by his officers and justified their near-deadly assault. According to Dawn Tho