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Cop Arrested After Manhunt Launched For An Attack He Faked On Himself

On Friday, the Fauquier County Sheriff's workplace issued an alarming declaration titled in all caps: DEPUTY ATTACKED - determined subconscious ON ROADSIDE. It studies like a film script, claiming the deputy was off-obligation and on his way home whilst he selflessly stopped to clear some debris out of the road and was abruptly attacked. A Fauquier County Sheriff's Deputy became located subconscious on the roadside with the aid of a passerby after being attacked by way of occupant(s) of a passing automobile. Because the deputy was on foot again to his marked Sheriff's office car he heard an approaching vehicle and heard a person yell. The deputy turned into traveling home after his shift when this assault passed off. Fauquier County Sheriff's Deputy Jake Preston Dooley, 22, has been charged with falsely summonsing regulation enforcement and obstruction of justice after the Fauquier Sheriff's department "very well and vigorously investigated" his