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Police Union Caught Issuing ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards to Family, Friends That Get Them Out of Tickets

  Known as a blue privilege,  there's  a  practice  among police officers:  once they  catch their fellow cop,  or maybe  their fellow cop’s  loved one  or friend breaking the law,  they're  abandoning  without consequence. Situations that have led to the murder of minorities and poor people end far differently when its police and their families caught committing an equivalent crime . A recent  return  of Vice shows that this corruption runs so deep that police unions actually issue courtesy cards to friends and family of cops that allow them  to urge  out of minor infractions. The cards are issued by the Police Benevolent Association or other police unions  and that they  are  referred to as  “courtesy cards.”  they need  the issuing officer’s name and signature on  the rear ,  alongside  a  telephone number  for the ticketing or arresting officer to call to verify  the connection . As Vice reports, the cards are designed to be presented  during a  low-stakes police encounter,