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Cops were called to a school bus after a 7-year-old autistic boy with a medical exception removed his mask.

Across  the planet , governments are using their only tool — which is force, or the threat of —  in a very  futile  try to  fight COVID-19. Because  the govt   doesn't  act on logic and reason and instead makes knee-jerk reactionary measures  that nearly  always end in loss of freedom, the citizens are growing weary of their actions. Children, who  don't  understand the complexity of such arbitrary dictates are hit  the toughest  when it  involves  issues like mandatory masks. For  people who   are   listening , the “experts” on the coronavirus  are   the entire  opposite of consistent when it  involves  advising Americans on  the way to  react to the pandemic. Since the lockdowns began in March 2020, hypocrisy has been at the forefront and masks are on  the most  stage. Despite little to no evidence of masks having  sway  on childhood COVID-19 transmission, schools across the country  still  force them to mask up  at college  — even outside on the playground. Children with aut

COVID-19 vaccine side effect...

Please do not take the VACCINE!!!

3 logical fact-based issues to consider before taking the COVID-19 vaccine

  While the media resorts to accusing people of being “anti-vaxxers,” for not  eager to  take a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine,  and a few  have gone  thus far   on  even associate dissenters with being “anti-Semitic,” there  are literally  3 very logical fact-based reasons why  we must always  question  the protection  of a coronavirus vaccine. Multiple experts, including  people who  themselves actually administer vaccines, agree that fast-tracking a vaccine  may be  very dangerous. According to immunologist and deputy editor of the journal Science Advances, Dr. Douglas J. Green, fast-tracking a vaccine could potentially be “catastrophic”  and may  not be rushed. He cites an example from 1966,  during which  two children actually died from an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Two other historical examples that help  maybe  the potential danger of fast-tracking a vaccine,  is that the  Cutter incident from 1955  and therefore the  mandatory  flu  vaccination campaign from 1976. In 1955

‘CommonPass’: New COVID-19 safety features Will Make fitness a Prerequisite for the journey

  Imagine standing at a TSA security checkpoint on your way home for  the vacations . You’re  preparing   to travel  through the awkward travel procedures instituted  shortly  after 9/11 when the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) was created and  aviation   within  us  morphed into  an exploration  and seizure operation with the implied possibility of your detention and interrogation. The initial outrage such expressions of implicit state violence caused  timely  eventually gave  thanks to  a begrudging acceptance. But now,  a replacement  layer of “security,”  that would  restrict freedom of movement even further, is being  extended  at several ports of entry in partnership with health technology industry leaders, academic institutions, and government health entities  in additional  than three dozen countries. A new digital certificate called CommonPass, designed to  function  a clearance mechanism for passengers  supported  a health diagnosis underwent its first transa