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1 rotten apple? Union Votes to Fire Cop who Exposed Torture and Death of Handcuffed Man

Cops who expose departmental misconduct and work to avoid violence often find themselves on the receiving end of this judicial system, condemned for doing the right thing. This retribution against officers for revealing corruption inside their units refutes the "one bad apple" idea totally. Is it "one rotten apple" if a whole department tries to snub an officer for doing the right thing? Police in Joliet Sgt. Javier Esqueda is an excellent officer. We can say this with confidence since he demonstrated it by refusing to remain quiet about suspected illegal activities committed by his fellow officers and risking his job and now his freedom in order to shed light on the matter. He thought enough was enough after seeing a video of his fellow police seem to choke a guy who ultimately died. His other cops restrained Eric Lurry while he was handcuffed, suffocated him, struck him, and jammed a baton into his mouth moments before he died. Esqueda was detained and then indict