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NYPD Detectives Sentenced to Probation in rape case

NYPD detectives sentenced to five years probation in the rape of Brooklyn woman. Escaped fugitives Blane & Susan Barksdale remain on the loose. R. Kelly placed in general population while he awaits trial and more. For over two decades, Retired Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey worked exclusively in patrol and specialized units in all four Bureaus within the City of Los Angeles; South, Central, West and Valley. In addition to various patrol division assignments, Sgt. Dorsey was assigned to the infamous gang unit in Operations South Bureau; known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) under the command of Police Chief Daryl F. Gates From an LAPD insider’s perspective, Sgt. Dorsey candidly discusses police culture, policy, and training as well as exposing disparities that disproportionately affect minority communities throughout the nation. As a police professional, Sgt. Dorsey introduces strategies on how to systematically attack t