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School Cop Caught on Own Body Cam Watching Porn Instead of Protecting Children

 While collecting his taxpayer funded paycheck, a Forsyth County deputy was found to be watching porn rather than doing his job on the varsity campus he was tasked with patrolling.

After repeatedly failing to even show up to figure , the department began looking into Deputy Todd Franklin and discovered a shocking pattern of misconduct.

According to Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman, after an indoor investigation revealed a pattern of "Unacceptable behaviors," Franklin was fired.

Freeman said that the varsity lodged several complaints against the deputy - not for watching porn in his cruiser except for refusing to point out up to the varsity in the least .

Channel 2 Action News reports the investigation found the previous deputy billed taxpayers for 3 days that he never visited the varsity .

A search of Franklin's county-issued cellphone uncovered a particular exchange of photos and text messages between him and a lady consistent with the news station.

After checking out that he was sending explicit text messages on his department-issued cellphone, investigators thought it's going to be an honest idea to review his body camera footage.

They discovered that while Franklin was alleged to be patrolling traffic ahead of the varsity to stay the scholars safe, he was inside his cruiser streaming porn.

After he was caught watching the porn, Franklin told superiors that it had been acceptable because he thought he was watching child porn.

As Channel 2 reports, "When questioned about his conduct, Franklin reportedly told his supervisors he was investigating allegations that an underage girl was involved within the inappropriate videos."

"When someone acts as this former employee did, they lose their right to figure alongside those deputies and employees who serve with such distinction and heroism daily," the sheriff's office told Channel 2 during a statement.

"The sheriff has made it expressly clear that unethical, illegal or immoral acts will cause termination from this agency there's no room for this conduct here, and therefore the men and ladies of FCSO, also as our citizens, deserve better."

The citizens of Forsyth county most assuredly deserve better but as Franklin wasn't stripped of his enforcement license for refusing to point out up for work and watching porn when he did show up, another town will likely hire him as a cop.

While Franklin's actions are certainly shocking while at a faculty , frequent readers of TFTP know that they could've been far worse.

Sadly, there's a pattern of faculty cops getting caught preying on the youngsters they're tasked with protecting.

What's more, despite getting caught preying on these children, many of the officers find yourself never getting to jail.

Last year, we reported on another school cop, officer Matthew Priebe.

This officer pleaded no contest to second-degree criminal sexual conduct, attempted fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, misconduct in office and two counts of assault and battery.

The charges all stemmed from his role as a faculty resource officer and therefore the repeated sexual abuse of multiple young girls while on the work .

In exchange for his no-contest plea, prosecutors dropped the charge of distributing sexually explicit material to a minor.

The charge of distributing sexually explicit material to a minor was dropped in spite of prosecutors having the photos of Priebe's erect penis that he sent to the youngsters .

The Livingston County Prosecutor William Vailliencourt said that Priebe's plea deal would guarantee that he would spend no quite 12 months in jail - all of which were suspended.

As TFTP reported earlier this year, right down the road from Forsyth county, Cartersville Lt. Ryan Prescott quietly resigned amid an indoor investigation into dozens of Snapchat messages he exchanged with preteen girls who attended the varsity at which he was the varsity resource officer.

Prescott admitted to sending the messages to 3 girls, which the department found "Unprofessional and inappropriate," consistent with documents obtained by through an open records request.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Prescott wasn't charged with a criminal offense .

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