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Taxpayers will be held accountable after cops break an innocent grandmother's arm during a raid.

Ruby Jones, 74, was assaulted by police when they came to her home to arrest her mentally ill grandson for calling in a bomb threat. The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, police force will be held liable for the actions of three officers who assaulted the elderly woman. The taxpayers of Oklahoma City will be liable because the officers were incompetent when it comes to de-escalation and common decency. The incident happened back in August, but police didn't release the body camera footage until this year. The officers either used excessive force against Jones or failed to intervene in her assault to stop it, according to a lawsuit filed by Jones. "My arm, sir," Jones said is heard saying in the video. "I don't know that ma'am," an officer said. "Well, I do," Jones responded. " well, I did," the officer said in response to Jones' request for help. "He's bipolar. He's bipolar," Jones told KOCO 5 News she tried to help the o

They attack innocent grandma, smash her arm, as cops arrest her mentally ill son

  Ruby Jones, 74, has never been in trouble with the police. And, when police came to her home back in August, they  weren't  there for her. However, because the officers were completely incompetent when it  involves  de-escalation  and customary  decency, Jones  would go away  her  point  handcuffs, having been assaulted by the police, and, with a broken arm. According to police, they were at Jones’ home that day to arrest her  insane  grandson for allegedly calling  in an exceedingly  bomb threat to a  psychological state  facility at which he  accustomed  be a patient. Though the incident happened back in August, police didn’t release the body camera footage until  in the week . As the footage shows, Jones  is solely  pleading with the cops, informing them that her son is  unsound  and to please  be sure . “What’s going on?” Jones asked. “He  encompasses a  warrant for his arrest,”  an official  responded. As Jones attempted  to urge  more information from the officers and tell