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Good Cop Fired for Exposing Police Brutality As Bad Cop Defended for Saying He Wants to ‘Kill All’ Protesters

  Those who are  listening  to the ever-expanding  dictatorship  within the  land of the free know that the system  is about  up in such  how  that it protects bad cops while punishing  the great  ones. Nothing highlights this truth quite  just like the  following two cops. One cop defended justice  and easily  asked for his fellow cops  to try to  an equivalent  while another cop took to social media on multiple occasions and advocated murdering Black Lives, Matter protesters. Spoiler alert: it wasn't the one who  involved  murdering innocent protesters. On June 30,  Colorado Springs  policeman  Sergeant Keith Wrede was found  to possess  regularly commented on videos of BLM protesters with the phrase "KILL THEM ALL!" Wrede was found  employing a  sock puppet account to espouse the  involves  genocide  also  as his personal account in  a clear  plan to  get his message to as  many of us  as possible. When his department  acknowledged , Wrede received a measly five-day su