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“You're murdering me!” Cops Arrested After Shooting a Man in the Face and Strangling Him

Elijah McClain, an aspiring massage therapist from Aurora, maybe heard stating in his last words on this world, "I'm an introvert." I'm just unique. That is it. I'm really sorry. I am without a firearm. That is not what I do. I am not a fighter. Why are you attempting to harm me? I am not even a fly killer! I am a vegetarian! However, I do not condemn anyone, particularly those who consume meat. Excuse me... I'm really sorry.” He was innocent, successful, and a beacon of light in an often gloomy world, yet he was murdered by Aurora police for being different. Then, after murdering him, they returned to the site of the crime and staged a recreation of the incident for amusement. This is not an isolated incident with a rotten apple. This is systematic and cruel, and the department hit the headlines on many more occasions soon after these crimes. They are again back in the headlines, this time for allegedly doing the same thing to another guy, Kyle Vinson. Fortun