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During a traffic stop, a cop intervenes and prevents another cop from 'groping' a woman's vagina.

The taxpayers of Louisville, Kentucky, were informed this week that they would be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars to compensate for one of the city's finest's despicable deeds. The money is part of a settlement for a lawsuit brought against the city after an officer's groping of a lady. Without the presence of another officer, the groping accusation may never have been established. Fortunately, the officer was wearing a body camera and had the will to halt Gelnett's sexual attack. Kali Coates was with her boyfriend and family when she was pulled over by police on Jan. 5, 2019, for a routine traffic infraction, according to the complaint. Gelnett claimed to "smell marijuana" during the stop and forced Coates out of the car before "inappropriately" putting his hands in her "crotch region" and then into her underpants, the complaint alleges. After sexually abusing Coates in front of her car, Gelnett escorted her to the rear of the