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Cop Slams His Pistol Into the Head of a Surrendered Unarmed Teen—No Shots Fired or Charged

This week, a Connecticut policeman was given a slap on the wrist after footage emerged of him striking a youngster in the head with his gun for apparently no reason. The teen's arms were in the air and he was listening to police instructions at the moment the officer hit him.

According to the CTPost, Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia suspended Officer Gianni Capozziello for just 20 days after an inquiry by the city's Office of Internal Affairs, which determined he violated the Police Department's policy against excessive use of force.

Naturally, Bridgeport Police Union President Sgt. Brad Seely said that his group thinks Capozziello's sentence is disproportionate and intends to file a grievance on his behalf.

"The Bridgeport Police Union feels that Officer Capozziello received disproportionate punishment. We will submit a grievance on his behalf and proceed in accordance with the law," said Sgt. Brad Seely, president of the Bridgeport Police Union, AFSCME Local 1159.

Apparently, the union adores aggressive police, since this was Capozziello's second suspension without pay for excessive force in less than a month. He was suspended last month for another teen's senseless tasering.

His current ban stems from an event that occurred on a Friday night in August 2019 and was caught on camera by a neighbour. According to police, they were conducting an investigation into a stolen vehicle when they pulled over the juvenile driver. Capozziello then commands the adolescent to raise his hands and throw them out the window.

The youngster, who was inside the car with the windows rolled up, took a few seconds to comply, opened the door, and exited the vehicle, indicating that he may not have heard the officer's instructions. As he exits, he pulls his trousers up, which Capozziello interprets as a threat.

"I saw both of his hands falling below his waistline," Capozziello said in his report.

"Because I suspected [he] was reaching for a weapon, I used the magazine well region of (his) handgun as an emergency impact weapon," the officer wrote.

However, as shown by the video — which the police were unaware was being recorded — the youngster posed no danger. He had his hands in the air and was walking toward the front of the vehicle in response to the command to do so when he was hit. There was absolutely no need to shoot the kid in the head and then begin beating him on the ground.

"If what is shown in that video is accurate, this cop should be punished...

Mayor Joe Ganim said at the time that the employee was dismissed and investigated by the State's Attorney's Office for assault. "It's ludicrous. It will not be allowed by any Bridgeport police officer."

Regrettably, he was never charged and was permitted to remain on the police.

It is unclear if the vehicle was stolen or not, since the suspected culprit was a minor.

If the adolescent was responsible for the theft, he or she ought to be held accountable. However, since this officer's anger was uncontrollable, this youngster will very certainly get financial compensation at the taxpayer's cost.

Link to the video:

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