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2 Cops Indicted After Video Caught Them Groping and Beating Innocent Women

  As the echo chamber from the police apologist crowd ramps up their anti-protest propaganda, it's getting harder for them deny the rampant violence administered against non-violent peaceful protesters since George Floyd's death. No one here is saying that criminals aren't exploiting these protests for political and private gain by looting and destroying things. All the stories on which TFTP has reported involve unprovoked violence on innocent, peaceful protesters. When video of Ivoré Westfield and Rachel Harding originally surfaced, police apologists claimed that the 2 young women must are criminals to be treated so savagely. They weren't , and now in the week , the cops who groped and beat them are indicted. Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears announced Wednesday that a jury returned indictments against two Indianapolis Metropolitan cops , officer Johnathan Horlock, a five-year veteran; and officer Nathanial Schauwecker, an eight-year veteran. Horlock was indicted on