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Cop Sexually Assaults Man with Anal Cavity in Public Search for Non-Existent Pharmaceuticals

In the apparent country of liberty, you are not free to do as you choose with your body. From mandated vaccines to abortions after rape, the state will stop at nothing in its terrifying quest to control the single thing you have complete control over. As the vaccine and abortion debates boil on, another equally horrific infringement of bodily autonomy proceeds virtually unimpeded in the background, all owing to the war on drugs. Insidious is the state's practice of kidnapping and imprisoning individuals for using drugs considered unlawful by the ruling class. However, when representatives of that state strive to physically violate an individual's body in a greedy and sexual way—in quest of these drugs—it is not only deceptive but it may be deemed a crime against humanity. Sadly, many who continue to conduct this fruitless war on drugs do not share this view. As the following example demonstrates, order followers have no trouble maintaining this practice of state-sanctioned high