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Notwithstanding guilty Plea, 50 infant Porn costs, Cop receives NO jail, Will no longer sign in as sex perpetrator

  This month, former Ocean City  lawman  and sheriff’s deputy Jarrett “Jay” Wise, 53, got himself a PBJ. No,  it had been  not a  paste  and jelly, but rather probation before judgement. This made him a free man despite pleading guilty to multiple  pornography  charges. Blue privilege is real and if you doubt it,  you wish  only  have a look at   the subsequent  case. Wise was ensnared  in an exceedingly   erotica  investigation last year when  the web  Task Force Program, a national  maltreatment  and exploitation investigation network, sent a tip to the Worcester County Bureau of Investigations (WCBI). Dorchester State’s Attorney Doug Jones said that the Federal Bureau of Investigations received  an analogous  tip about this sick child predator and coordinated with county investigators. According to court records, the FBI obtained a subpoena for Comcast records that showed two IP addresses connected to Wise’s home and business computers. When the devices and email accounts were searc

High Ranking Cop Admits to Running ‘Sadistic’ Child Porn Ring on Gov’t Network, While On Duty

  The taxpayers of Dallas, Texas  might want  to request a refund  in the week  after  checking out  that  they need  been paying for a pedophile to distribute child porn to other disgusting pedophiles online. This high level cop's entire operation was conducted on duty, on official government computers, and also on Google. According to  court  documents, Sr. Cpl. Daniel Lee Collins just pleaded guilty to uploading sexual photos of underage girls  to varied  Google accounts using  the town  of Dallas internet network,  consistent with  the Department of Justice. U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox stated that Daniel Lee Collins, 35, a former senior corporal, pleaded guilty to the crimes on Friday morning. The top cop further admitted he knew  the pictures  depicted actual minors, including a nude prepubescent female, and portrayed "Sadistic or masochistic conduct." According to the federal criminal complaint, Collins, a 35-year-old senior corporal assigned to Dallas Police Depar