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While walking across a parking lot, a cop mows down an unarmed man with his cruiser.

Anthony Gray had committed no wrongdoing on the night he was run over by a police car; he was just exiting a hotel parking lot after a verbal altercation with a staffer. At most, Gray may have received a trespassing notice; instead, cops attempted to murder him in a most heinous way. The taxpayers of Radcliff will now be held liable for the officers’ conduct that night.

According to authorities, they got a complaint last September from the Gold Vault Inn reporting that a guy was trespassing on the property. Gray was already out of the premises and on his way when police arrived. It should have ended there, but authorities opted to push the situation unnecessarily to the point of fatal force.

As seen by the footage, Gray had already fled the location when police arrived and the first officer on the site began interrogating him. Gray informed the officer that a member of the staff had been unpleasant to him, and therefore he departed. That officer should have released Gray since no crime had occurred, but he did not.

Rather than that, the officer started forcibly restraining Gray for arrest without warning or even informing Gray.

"Then, without explanation, justification, or warning, Officer Robert Stephens attempted to grasp Gray by the arm," Gray's attorney, Aaron Bentley, said in an interview with WDRB. "Anthony was terrified and fled."

Gray informed the police, "No, I'm not going to prison," despite the fact that he had caused no damage.

"You are," the officer confirms as Gray flees.

Gray shouted at the police as he fled, claiming he was unarmed and just wanted to go. However, when officer Justin Skaggs arrived, he ensured that would not be the case. Skaggs' police car is shown on video aiming squarely towards Gray before driving him down.

"By all accounts, he deliberately collides with Anthony, runs over his leg and foot, resulting in very serious injuries," Bentley said.

Gray quickly recognised his injuries and pleaded with the cops to transport him to the hospital.

"I committed no wrong, sir," Gray states as cops handcuff him. "However, you stepped on my toe."

"I assume a police vehicle ran over his leg," one officer said.

"I am unaware of any circumstance in which a police officer is permitted to use a vehicle to strike or halt a person," Bentley said. "Anthony was completely unarmed. He made no threat towards any officer of the law. And yet, for some inexplicable reason... Officer Skaggs collided with him with his vehicle."

Naturally, police dispute this account, presenting their own in the police report. Despite video footage showing Skaggs directing the cruiser toward Gray, police allege Gray pushed himself in front of the car on purpose.

Gray was sprinting on the street when he "ran into the right front corner" of the police car, according to witnesses. According to the report, "Gray was knocked on the ground and his left foot was ran over by the right front wheel."

This report was sufficient to legitimise Skaggs' conduct that evening, and the officer was never disciplined for his use of lethal force.

Rather than that, Gray was charged with a plethora of offences, including criminal trespassing, drunkenness, and running or dodging the police. He is presently free on bond after his plea of not guilty.

Running people over by police officers for minor infractions is an unpleasant reality in the land of the free. We previously told the tale of Dustin Bates, who was left permanently crippled after suffering shattered ribs, a broken leg, and a broken spine earlier this year. His injuries were sustained as a consequence of Lake Worth officer Jonathan Granado's attempted murder of him by running him down at 45 mph over a licence plate mistake.

Granado falsely accused Bates of stealing his motorbike and attempted to assassinate him in retaliation.

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In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...