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Cop Approaches Unknown Man, Knocks Him Out in Front of Other Cops, and Walks Away

This week, a distressing video was shared on social media showing a Detroit police officer approach an unidentified guy on the street and administer a haymaker straight to his face in front of his fellow cops. The blow was so strong that it knocked the guy unconscious and sent him backward, colliding with the pavement.

The video, dubbed "Detroit pigs giving out the brain damage," was uploaded on Reddit on Sunday and has now sparked an Internal Affairs inquiry within the department.

The cops, who are believed to be members of the Detroit police department's special reaction squad, seem to be clearing a street in Greektown in the footage. They are on the lookout for a guy on the street who is trying to back away from them before a cop winds up and smashes the man's face in.

“You are not obligated to do that, dog!” Off-camera, a guy can be heard screaming.

After the unnamed victim flies backward and smacks his head into the ground, he behaves as though he's attempting to assist him. The cop momentarily repositions the guy while spectators scream in contempt at him.

When the guy regains consciousness, the officer supports him up and tries to reposition him, but the man remains seated. The police then leave without making any arrests. None of the other cops who saw their colleague assault an innocent guy tried to interfere or halt it in the slightest.

“I believe it was excessive,” Deonnel Hicks told WXYZ after seeing the footage circulated online. “I understand they're attempting to regulate and maintain a quiet and pleasant environment, but to just walk up and knock someone out is inexcusable. They could have at the very least attempted to do it differently.”

The Detroit police department issued a statement in reaction to the violent assault seen on camera, stating, "The Detroit Police Department was made aware of an accusation of excessive force in Greektown through social media." Internal affairs are now conducting an investigation into the facts surrounding this allegation.”

The Detroit police department issued Directive 102.12, dubbed "Duty to Intervene," last year. As specified in the directive:

The aim of this policy is to clarify the Detroit Police Department's (DPD) members' legal and moral responsibility known as the Duty to Intervene. This obligation is spelled forth in the law enforcement code of ethics, the Standard of Conduct, as well as in the statutes. Members of the DPD must have a firm grasp of the expectations about their behavior both on and off duty. DPD is also dedicated to assisting and protecting members who use their Duty to Intervene to prevent or mitigate another member's misbehavior or excessive force.

The directive is applicable to all officers on the force and states that all DPD employees "who have a reasonable opportunity" must act to prevent or stop any member from engaging in unethical behavior or violating the law or department policy (for example, excessive force, theft, fraud, inappropriate language, sexual misconduct, harassment, falsifying documents, or inappropriate behavior).

Those who fail to interfere when they see rogue police in action face disciplinary punishment, and an officer "who has a reasonable chance to intervene but does not may be held responsible in a court of law and, at the very least, in disciplinary proceedings." In particular, a member who fails to intervene to prevent the use of excessive force may be held responsible if the member 1) saw or had cause to believe that excessive force would be or was being used, and 2) had both the opportunity and means to prevent the damage from happening. 119 F. 3d 425 (1997) in Turner v. Scott.”

Attempt to identify the number of policemen that directly breached their responsibility to intervene while you watch the video below. According to their own rules, they should be disciplining and perhaps prosecuting at least a half-dozen officers. We will not hold our breath.

Link for video:

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