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Cop Approaches Unknown Man, Knocks Him Out in Front of Other Cops, and Walks Away

This week, a distressing video was shared on social media showing a Detroit police officer approach an unidentified guy on the street and administer a haymaker straight to his face in front of his fellow cops. The blow was so strong that it knocked the guy unconscious and sent him backward, colliding with the pavement. The video, dubbed "Detroit pigs giving out the brain damage," was uploaded on Reddit on Sunday and has now sparked an Internal Affairs inquiry within the department. The cops, who are believed to be members of the Detroit police department's special reaction squad, seem to be clearing a street in Greektown in the footage. They are on the lookout for a guy on the street who is trying to back away from them before a cop winds up and smashes the man's face in. “You are not obligated to do that, dog!” Off-camera, a guy can be heard screaming. After the unnamed victim flies backward and smacks his head into the ground, he behaves as though he's attemptin