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Horrifying Video Shows Cops Walk By Dog in Fenced In Yard, Shoot It Through the Fence, Killing It

It is no secret  within  us  that cops kill dogs.  For some reason, unlike package delivery drivers, pizza delivery drivers, and postal workers - who interact with countless more dogs than police - cops  most frequently  resort to deadly force with man's  ally . A deeply disturbing video was shared with the  deism  Project  in the week  showing Detroit cops walk up to a dog  during a  confined  yard and kill it. According to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the footage was caught on a home camera system,  because the  dog is seen barking through the fence at several officers and their police K-9. When the police K-9 stuck its head through the fence, the dog inside the fence - protecting its territory - latched on to the K-9's muzzle. The officer's made no attempt whatsoever to separate the animals and instead, one officer pulled out his pistol and shot the dog  within the  face, killing it. For several moments the dog is seen writhing in agony on  the bottom  in h