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Woman Suffers 4 Broken Ribs During Dispute With Cop Husband, Police Arrest HER, Take Her Kids

You may see the mugshot of Sarah Letendre, 34, and in all likelihood assume that it is an open and shut case of a female beating up on her prone husband and then strolling from police officers. In Letendre's case, it seems that what we're being instructed through police might not be real. On Saturday, Letendre turned into accused of violating a protective order for allegedly contacting her husband and a Rollinsford officer pulled her over and attempted to arrest her for it. Although the Rollinsford police branch did not affirm her broken ribs, in keeping with Foster's each day Democrat, who acquired Letendre's discharge papers, she certainly suffered fractures to "multiple ribs." At the same time as the police and media are claiming Letendre is a fugitive from the regulation, in step with her sister, Letendre is being wrongfully persecuted. Jessica Newman, Letendre's sister, stated that Letendre's husband - who's a Dover police officer