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3 Teens Attack an Innocent Woman Before a Deputy Arrives and Beats Her More

Shantel Arnold is still recuperating from a traumatic event that left lasting scars on her body and psyche. An officer from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office can be seen pounding the 4-foot-8-inch tall, 100-pound lady about like an animal.

ProPublica reported that on September 20, Arnold, 34, was assaulted by three youths as she went down the street near her family's house.

Arnold's family told ProPublica that she was a target for bullies because she was tiny and had lost her left eye in a car accident years before. The lads assaulted Arnold for many minutes, until 71-year-old Lionel Gray, whom Arnold considers her stepfather, intervened and chased the youngsters away.

A JPSO deputy arrived on the scene seconds after she was assaulted and started interrogating her from his police vehicle. Instead of helping the young lady assaulted by three bullies, the deputy started questioning and berating her.

“I'm home.” I don't get to the block before the cops surround me and say, 'Come here.' ‘What is happening on? “I just got beaten up by two kids, what are ya'll doing?” she asked in an interview with an investigator obtained by

Arnold informed the deputy she had been attacked and wanted to go home, the inquiry found. But he refused.

Unprovoked, the cop rushed out of his car and threw Arnold to the ground, according to Gray and her uncle Tony Givens, 55. Gray and Givens were approximately 20 feet away, near the family's driveway.

In the footage, the big deputy slams Arnold onto the concrete by her hair.

“She couldn't pull away because he was strong,” Gray added. “He grabbed her arm, and she fell to the ground. So I approached him and he said, ‘If you go any closer, I'll throw everyone out here.' So I replied, ‘You don't have to put so much power on that tiny midget,'”

The video is just 14 seconds long, but it shows the aggressive deputy forcefully yanking Arnold's braids off her head.

Arnold was so severely hurt that she had to be carried away in an ambulance for treatment of head trauma, bruises, and wounds. Her injuries have given her recurrent migraines, which she blames on the deputy, not the kids.

Arnold had done no crime and was never prosecuted, illustrating the brutality of the attack. Despite this, the deputy is still uncharged and just recently became the subject of an internal inquiry. He is still on job, and Arnold and her family claim he frequently intimidates them.

"Yet another testimony to the terrible regularity that JPSO targets and brutalises innocent, defenceless Melanin community people," Alanah Odoms, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana, told ProPublica.

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