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“You're murdering me!” Cops Arrested After Shooting a Man in the Face and Strangling Him

Elijah McClain, an aspiring massage therapist from Aurora, maybe heard stating in his last words on this world, "I'm an introvert." I'm just unique. That is it. I'm really sorry. I am without a firearm. That is not what I do. I am not a fighter. Why are you attempting to harm me? I am not even a fly killer! I am a vegetarian! However, I do not condemn anyone, particularly those who consume meat. Excuse me... I'm really sorry.”

He was innocent, successful, and a beacon of light in an often gloomy world, yet he was murdered by Aurora police for being different. Then, after murdering him, they returned to the site of the crime and staged a recreation of the incident for amusement. This is not an isolated incident with a rotten apple. This is systematic and cruel, and the department hit the headlines on many more occasions soon after these crimes. They are again back in the headlines, this time for allegedly doing the same thing to another guy, Kyle Vinson. Fortunately for Vinson, he was not murdered, and his assailants have been apprehended.

Vinson was attacked last Friday, and the body camera video from the assault was just published this week.

“The footage will cause you to question your conscience,” Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson told reporters Tuesday. “I know that as I was watching it, I felt myself welling up with tears and anger.”

Indeed, it is precisely what the video does.

Aurora police officers John Haubert and Francine Martinez stopped three young males who were loitering in a parking lot, according to authorities. They ran their identities and stated that all three of them had outstanding warrants while holding them. Two of the young guys ran, but Kyle Vinson stayed seated and aided the police.

His participation, however, was no protection against Haubert's subsequent savage assault.

Haubert starts strangling Vinson as he bashes his pistol into his head as he is facedown on the ground. Vinson's face and head began to bleed, apparently encouraging the aggressive policeman to continue his assault.

Vinson is now pleading with the police to stop, practically sobbing out, "Please stop!" “Do not shoot me!” and "You are murdering me!"

Vinson began screaming out for assistance from anybody who could hear him as the attack continued. However, no assistance would arrive.

“I will shoot you if you move,” Haubert screams as he strangles Vinson for almost a minute, forcing him to lose consciousness.

Another cop eventually comes on the scene and believes Haubert is the victim, tasering Vinson. Vinson was handcuffed at that point, but he was not arrested. He was instead rushed to the hospital.

“We are repulsed. We are enraged. This is not law enforcement work,” Wilson said. “This is not something we train for. This is intolerable.”

Additionally, she said that Vinson was likely unaware of the outstanding warrant for his arrest since it originated in another county.

Haubert and Martinez were both arrested and put into prison on Tuesday for their crimes. Haubert was charged with attempted first-degree assault, assault in the second degree, oppression, criminal threatening, and official misconduct in the first degree. Martinez faces charges of failing to intervene and report a peace officer's use of force. Haubert is on unpaid leave, while Martinez is on paid leave.

“We will continue to do training and to remove individuals from this agency if that is how they want to police,” Wilson added. “That is not acceptable.”

“I hope that the openness that we're providing you today, as well as the quick action, was taken by our police department, will persuade some of you that we're doing the right thing,” she added. “We are attempting to change and make a difference. This is not the police department of Aurora.”

According to Colorado Public Radio, Vinson is now represented by a Denver-based civil rights company, which stated Tuesday that his "vicious, unjustified attack" "illuminates the continuing problem of police brutality, especially against communities of melanin."

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