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Cop shoots fellow cop after mistaking him for a suspect during a search warrant.

In November 2019, officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and agents from the FBI's Safter Streets Task Force conducted a SWAT raid on Larry McConneyhead in the early morning hours for selling narcotics considered unlawful by the state. McConneyhead never fired a shot at any of the cops, however, agent Clarence Delano Belton Jr. was struck by three rounds. Belton was shot multiple times — not by McConneyhead shots, but by police bullets — as a result of his trigger-happy buddies assisting him in arresting a guy for peddling narcotics. Now, Charlotte taxpayers will be held accountable. According to police, they were serving the warrant just before 6 p.m. in November 2019 when they saw McConneyhead on his driveway, rolling out his garbage for collection. McConneyhead fled inside when he spotted the armed bunch of individuals approaching him. According to police, when they pursued McConneyhead back to his house, he reportedly confronted them with a revolver at the do