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Court Forces Cop to Pay $1 Million in His Own Money to Family He Terrorized, Called Racial Slurs

  As reported extensively,  law enforcement officials , even when found  guilty   for his or her  abusive actions, are almost never held personally liable.  it's  the taxpayers who foot the bill. However, a trend in accountability seems to be happening more often  and can  be massively  simpler  at curbing police brutality than any system  in situ   at once . Cops are being forced to pay their victims out of their own pockets. The most recent case of a cop being held personally  accountable for  his crimes comes from Nashville, Tenn. A now-former NYPD cop, Michael J. Reynolds has been ordered to pay $1 million by a federal judge for breaking down the door to an innocent family’s home and terrorizing them  within the  middle of the night. Federal Judge Eli Richardson mandated that Reynolds pay $1 million to Conese Halliburton for kicking  within the   outside door  and terrorizing her family, which was all captured on the family’s surveillance cameras. As the Tennessean reports, Hal