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Despite Video of Him Executing Unarmed Fleeing Father, DA Says Killer Cop 'Justified'

  Last year, A.J. Smyrna made the poor decision to steal a car. For this crime, he deserved to be held accountable. However, he will never get his day in court because when he ran from the police,  a politician  decided to play judge, jury, and executioner, and killed him for it. After waiting  a whole  year for justice, Smyrna’s parents  discovered   in the week  that the officer, Georgia  officer  Brandon Byrd, who fired multiple rounds into their son’s fleeing vehicle — killing him —  won't  be charged with  a criminal offense . “After reviewing all of the evidence and also engaging some use-of-force experts, I made  the choice  there would be no criminal charges brought against Trooper Byrd  within the  shooting death of Andrew Smyrna,” DeKalb County DA Shirley Boston said. The incident unfolded on January 23, 2020, when police were in pursuit of Smyrna after learning the vehicle he was driving was stolen. Smyrna attempted  to escape  officers  once they  tried  to drag  him ov