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Cops Kneel on Handcuffed Man’s Head Before Smashing His Face Into the Curb

A gruesome video was submitted to the  Project  in the week  showing an unnecessary violent move by Beaumont police that could've killed  a person . He was arrested and  consistent with  his friends, unjustly. The woman who sent us  within the  video tells the    Project that Omar was approached by police and attacked for no reason. She says Omar was attempting  to inform  one among  his friends - who apparently had  an excessive amount of  to drink - to ride with him when police initiated the stop. As the video below shows, three officers are on top of Omar who is already in handcuffs. Though  we've  no  thanks to  telling what happened  before  this,  we will  see that Omar is subdued, in handcuffs and has on officer's knee on his head and another officer's elbow on his neck. When police  attend  pick, Omar, up,  they are doing  so with  such a lot  force that  the person  is propelled forward, face-first into the curb. "Oh my god, you knocked him the f**k ou!&qu